International Conference on 

Integrity and Lifetime in Extreme Environment 






Session 1


The Theory of Strength And Integrity of Technical Systems on Extreme Environment


  1. Theory of strength and brittle fracture theory: kinetic and mechanical approach
  2. Theory of low-temperature ductile-brittle transition
  3. Fracture and damage mechanics, computational solids mechanics
  4. Welding theory and strength of weld joints
  5. Statistical modeling of coatings processing and wear
  6. Reliability, safety and  lifetime of technical systems
  7. Technical diagnostic and resource evaluation
  8. Forecasting and modeling of emergency situations
  9. Automated systems and robots
  10. Ergonomic of technical systems


Session 2


Materials for extreme environment


  1. Fundamental and applied research of new materials development
  2. Metallic and polymer materials
  3. Composite materials
  4. Materials testing  


Session 3


Energy and thermophysics at extreme conditions

  1. Energy balance of the Republic Sakha (Yakutiya) and the North regions
  2. Fuel energetics and smartgrids for North regions
  3. Renewable power generation for remote regions
  4. Logistics and transport of energy resources
  5. Problems of energy storage
  6. State equations, phase transitions at low temperatures
  7. Heat and mass transfer, thermomechanics of disperse medium
  8. Effect of North land invasion on ecology